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Two people drawing on cards each holding a pencil

Teamwork & Leadership

Have you ever played a puzzle and there was one important piece missing? There are all these pieces in a puzzle but you're looking for this one piece and you just couldn't find it? Well, guess what, leadership was my missing piece to web accessibility in 2015. I once worked for a web design agency that was facing multiple lawsuits for web accessibility and we were in desperate need of someone to guide through this new legal issue. In 2015, I rose to the occasion and helped the company develop a solid code-base that supported web-accessibility best practices. Throughout this period I helped the development team fix our global codebase and I trained multiple departments in web accessibility. Leadership is a skill I'm proud to possess. A clear vision plus a desire to help is a major differentiator between a good and great leader.

Software I've Worked With

Wordpress Hubspot Umbraco Shopify Squarespace
Two people working together one a website layout placing components on a user-interface

The Technicalities

  • Web Accessibility
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • User-Experience Design
  • SEO
  • C# / ASP.Net
  • PHP
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator